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Beginner Bowspring

A class for beginners and people looking to enhance their Bowspring repertoire. This class is an opportunity to break down poses, build a foundation, learn and apply the algorithm and experience the language. Expect pauses in this class for attention to detail, demos and adjustments. Designed to introduce you to the most prevalent alignment cues in Bowspring, while allowing you the freedom to move your body intuitively. Bowspring takes you into primal, natural shapes. Creeping into sidelines and lengthening the belly, engaging the glutes for power and expanding the ribcage for lightness – Your body’s intelligence knows these shapes and it feels like coming home – trust.

Slow Bow

Just like it sounds, this class slows the practice down allowing students to connect mindfully with intentional movements. Detailed instruction is more easily absorbed and integrated in this setting. Expect to be challenged both in mind and body as we pulse into your favourite openers, twists and extensions with enough time to breathe and expand into your fullest expression of each pose. No previous Bowspring experience necessary as this class is slowed to an accessible pace for beginners. For Bow Pros, this class provides the opportunity to slow down and fine tune your practice. 

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