About Me

Jenna Marie!


Jenna Marie here, hoping to help you get a feel for what makes me… me!

I live in Shawnigan Lake BC, minutes from the ocean and mountains. I am an intuitive movement practitioner and a divergent thinker. I like to look for patterns in human behaviour, including my own, in order to uncover potential reasons for behaviour beyond the seemingly obvious. Practicing this often lends to compassion through understanding. I believe that all behaviour is communication.

I am a nerd about personal growth, constantly expanding and taking on more. I have always been willing to do the work required to move myself to the next phase in life or re-calibrate back to where I function the most optimally. It is not uncommon for my friends and family to comment something about how “difficult it is to keep up with all the changes” in my life, and that’s okay with me! I grow in response to new information and that feels exhilarating.

I teach Bowspring in our community as well as online, but my favourite space to practice is always outdoors. I am focused on increasing the quality of life for myself and others. I choose to practice Bowspring because the movement is primal and natural. It takes my body out of rigid, learned, postural habits and into a feeling of lightness, spaciousness and freedom. I am committed to my own practice, which lends fluidity to my teaching. My style is challenging, yet accessible and geared towards increasing body awareness and stability.

I have a lot to offer. I believe life is better when you are inspired, and that belief is the North Star of my life. I find myself smiling a lot! I have a seriously silly side that I don’t contain well and when I meet others who share this characteristic, I am in my element!

I have discovered one of my greatest assets is the ability to integrate the current focus of my attention, whatever I am working on, into a busy lifestyle. I celebrate small successes and feel good about taking consistent steps in the right direction. One of my weaknesses is my drive to take on a lot of responsibility, oftentimes to my own detriment. I struggle significantly with balancing work, play and rest. I always find time to do one more task or event, often taking away from an opportunity for rest. I need to take time for rest, it is important, I know this. 

I value meaningful relationships, I work hard to maintain them. I have a huge family, which more than doubled when I met my partner 3 years ago. I have lived experience overcoming obstacles with the support of a community, therefore, community is one of my core values. I love that I can create human connections through the process of teaching. I believe that supporting each other is vital.

I am an Island girl who speaks out loud to the moon and hopes to create global connections by doing what I love – inspiring individuals to grow in a supportive community.

Certificates and Training

  • 10-Day Bowspring and Breathwork Immersion, Sri Lanka – Feb. 2020
  • 3-Day Advanced Bowspring Training, Victoria, BC – Dec 2019
  • 4-Day Bowspring Immersion, Tofino, BC – Nov. 2019
  • Canadian Red Cross Basic Life Support (BLS) Certificate – Aug. 2019 valid through Aug. 2020
  • Bowspring Teacher Training with Bow Quadrupled, San Diego, CA – March 2019
  • A Culture of Movement 3-Day Workshop with Mike Stewart and Elisha Jane, Victoria, BC – Jan. 2019
  • 3-Day Inversion Workshop with Elisha Jane Bowspring, Victoria, BC – Nov. 2018
  • 4-Day Bowspring Immersion, Tofino, BC – Nov. 2018
  • 27-Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, Victoria, BC – June 2018
  • 10-Day Bowspring Immersion with Primal Bowspring – Nicaragua – March 2018
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, University of Victoria, BC – April 2018
  • Elemental Bow Workshop with Elisha Jane Bowspring, Victoria, BC – Feb. 2018
  • Bowspring Fundamentals Week-Long Workshop with Elisha Jane Bowspring, Victoria, BC – Dec. 2017
  • Behaviour Intervention Certificate, Douglas College, New Westminster, BC – Sept. 2017
  • First Aid with CPR Certificate – Sept. 2017 valid through Sept. 2020
  • 10-hour Bowspring Workshop with Desi Springer and John Friend, Victoria, BC – July 2017
  • Handstand Progressive Workshop with Jonathan Boyd and Elisha Jane, Victoria, BC – April 2017
  • Front Line Worker Certificate, Douglas College, New Westminster, BC – Sept. 2015
  • Conflict Resolution, Work BC, Maple Ridge, BC – March 2014
  • Grade 12 Graduate, Saanich School District, Victoria, BC – Jan. 2006

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