Primal Movement

Primal Movement is a physical practice informed by yoga, bowspring, calisthenics, functional movement and resistance training. It supports joint health using whole body engagement to maintain proper posture during movement. Unlike many practices, which focus on training a specific section of the body, Primal Movement acknowledges that the body works in harmony as a whole and aims to achieve balance and integrity throughout. 

 Individuals who practice Primal Movement experience improved respiration, energy and vitality, increased muscle strength and tone, as well as increased agility and mental clarity. It promotes endurance, flexibility, strength and coordination. Primal Movement aids in the treatment and prevention of physical and mental illness. It counteracts the age-related deterioration of both physical function and cognition and it is never too late to start.

Primal Movement cultivates an attuned mind-body connection, easing psychosomatic illness by reducing stress and anxiety. It is versatile, accessible, primal and fun. This practice will leave you with a deeper, more meaningful connection to self. Primal Movement builds confidence and trust in self which translates into an increased quality of life. This practice has changed my mind, my body and my life for the better. I want to share it with you.

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Primal Movement uses a modern alignment template for movement. The alignment is maintained throughout the practice and is informed by the most recent information on optimal body mechanics for healthy, long term movement. Primal Movement is a mindful practice that offers benefits similar to any physical practice which promotes a mind and body connection. What is unique about this style of movement is that the posture held throughout becomes a lifestyle. This makes it accessible during your daily routine, reinforcing the sustainability of the practice. 

The functional engagement cues of Primal Movement can be applied outside of the designated workout time in a busy schedule, which ensures you are consistently taking steps in favour of your health and physical wellness. I am certain you will love taking classes, being challenged and connecting with likeminded humans in the community; however, my hope for you is that you take the principals of this practice into your daily life and fully embrace the benefits Primal Movement has to offer.

 Curious about Primal Movement and want to see it in action? See my YouTube channel, or check out the team who inspires me every day, at Daily Ritual Loves You.

What is Bowspring?

Bowspring is an emerging paradigm of movement that calls for whole body engagement by utilizing a precise, alignment template. The Bowspring alignment lends to a fierce and functional body composition by supporting the natural curves of the body and increasing agility. The specific movements of this practice command mindfulness and accountability to the self, which means you are in control of what you want and what you get out of it. With regular practice, Bowspring benefits the mind, body and heart by way of pain relief, more power for movement, increased focus, positive mindset, strength of will and so much more.

Bowspring works with the body as a tensegrity system (tensegrity = tension with integrity), by balancing tension members in the body rather than relying on compression (stacking bones). Bowspring stretches and strengthens fascia, the elastic connective tissue enveloping the muscles and organs in our body, which supports longevity, joint health and works to bring the body back into balance through equal tonus. Bowspring can be practiced anywhere, with no equipment necessary as a form of resistance training that builds stamina.

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“I’ve taken a handful of bow-spring classes with Jenna now and I wanted to share how great I think she is. She knows how to keep things fun and light but make you get your work in.   There’s no detail too small for Jenna to acknowledge, taking her time to introduce each movement and build the correct posture from the ground up. There’s a natural warming up and cooling off kind of flow to her sequences and I learn something new each time!”

– Graham C